The “Virtual Histology Practices” have been designed and developed by a team of professors from the Department of Histology of the Faculty of Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid. Great figures of spanish Histology as Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Francisco Tello or Fernando de Castro, among others, have gone through this Department, which has a long tradition in using histological staining techniques, singularly the neurohistology techniques, many of which were developed here.

The “Virtual Histology” team consists of:

  • José Luis Calvo Martín MD, Chair Professor
  • José Enrique García-Mauriño Múzquiz MD, Professor
  • Ángel López Carbonell MD, Professor



In addition to his academic status, the authors have a great theoretical and practical teaching experience in Histology. Throughout the years of their activity as histologists, they have been able to gather a huge collection of high quality iconographic material, that was used to develop the “Virtual Histology Practices”.

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