The development of good microscopy practices for Histology involves a series of very significant difficulties. First of all, it is necessary to have a set of histological slides covering the whole content of the course. In an ideal configuration, each student should have a complete set of slides ready to examine under a microscope. The development of this set is complex, due to the necessity of having a well-equipped laboratory with all the instruments and reagents as well as a highly qualified staff with a deep knowledge of many histological techniques. In addition, a very large amount of time and effort is required to develop the complete collection of samples, especially if – as often happens – it has a small staff and a limited budget. Once we have made the histological slides, the second problem is the need of a room where the students can use the microscopes and solve any doubts they could have with the staff responsible of the practicals.

Our “Virtual Histology Practices” constitute an application created to solve all these problems in an easy, quick and economic way, providing both the functionality of the microscope itself, as well-structured and organized histological information needed for the systematic study of the preparations. This has been developed in a web environment for any student who has an Internet connection can do the practices at its own pace and whenever it wants.

In cases where histological slides were available, the “Virtual Histology Practices” constitute a useful material for the students who can check what they have seen with the light microscope at any time.

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